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A rubbish idea

I was wet today so we stayed at home all day. I suggested we make stickers, just as a way of passing the time. I suppose I was thinking about my old tube station stickering campaign. But, as I mentioned, here by the sea in Kent there are no tube station posters to decorate with my homemade art.

Amy debated where to stick her stickers, and settled on our wheely bin which stands outside the front door. I realised that I could stick some stickers on bins too…  But Amy said, ‘Not on other people’s bins!

I was excited about experiencing the thrill of illicit stickering again. ‘Yes, other people’s bins,’ I told her.

‘You can’t do that, it’s not allowed. You’ll get arrested!’

My eight year old has always been one for obeying rules, she hates stepping out of line.

‘I won’t get arrested,’ I told her.

‘it’s graffiti!’ she explained.

I decided not to argue.

She made a bin sticker, with the friendly talking bin saying, ‘Please take our rubbish.’ And she also made a yellow figure with a bright red nose, he said ‘I am the bin man.’ I hope our real bin men will like those. I hope none of them are yellow with red noses and might think she’s making fun of them.

I drew a rainbow. Because Lucas kept pointing at a rainbow picture today, and because there’s a boy drawing a rainbow in the ‘Colours’ book he likes. And because it was raining and I wished the sun would come out.

I also drew a bee sticker. The first sticker I stuck at Tooting Bec tube station was of a bee. I did it then because I felt busy. I think that was the reason, I hardly remember… And I suppose I drew this bee remembering Tooting Bec, and also because Lucas’ first communication was blowing raspberry noises whenever he saw a bee. He did it for lions too, instead of a roar. It was his multi-purpose animal noise. But he started making it because I always buzzed for him at bees.

The third sticker I made was of a horse. I’ve had fun recently betting on horses, and we go to the races whenever we can. I also thought of this horse because Amy’s decided she’d like riding lessons, and I’ve decided I would to. So that’s something positive about our new life in Kent. And there is another reason I drew a horse. It’s a long story, but basically I’m very bad at drawing and someone once saw a horse that I’d drawn and laughed and made me feel bad. But I’ve decided I like my badly drawn horses. I don’t mind being bad at drawing when I do it just for fun.

I don’t think it’s really a good idea to stick stickers on bins. It was so good sticking stickers beside tube escalator posters, but stickering bins seems like a really rubbish idea. I’ll probably do it anyway. This rubbish plan suits my mood, it fits my feelings about this place right now.

And tomorrow the bin men come, so everyone’s bins will be out and handy for my stickering mission. I can do it as I take Amy to school. Well, if she lets me.

And it will be good to stick stickers like in the good old days. Even if I’m putting them on wheely bins full of mouldy food.


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