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Minor irritations of the day

 – WordPress makes you sign in with the phrase, ‘Already hip?’ So I don’t get the option to declare myself un-hip and still blog. 

– Lucas pooed his nappy 40 minutes before bedtime. This means wasting a nappy if I change him, or taking my chances with bottom rash if I don’t. Guess which I went for?

– Everyday I see Starbucks smug newspaper ads showing off their Fair Trade credentials, but we all know they’ve been Unfair Trade for years longer than everybody else.

– Maggie in the Simpsons is an unrealistic baby, she never whines, or makes a mess, or tries to climb up your leg while you’re cooking an omelette.

– Barclays rang me today asking if I was worried about my savings in the current financial crisis. I wasn’t worried. Now I’m thinking there must be a problem…

– Amy is into ‘GoGos,’ small pieces of minimally moulded plastic which come with stickers to collect to fill an album. I get the impression the marketeers have researched eight year old’s brains to extract maximum pocket money from their collecting frenzy. I just let her get on with it.

– My mum tied her bright pink dressing gown belt to our cupboard so that Lucas wouldn’t pull everything out. I don’t like her silly pink belt on display in my living room.  I don’t have a better plan.

– My *busband is busy at work and I’m bored and lonely and can’t think of anything better to do than blog.

– Our beer is just past it’s ‘Best before’ date so I have to drink it knowing it was better before. And although it’s substandard I have to drink it all quick before it gets any worse.

– I don’t like writing grumpy posts when I’m a bit pissed on past-it’s-date beer.

* boyfriend/husband



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