I stuck my 3 little stickers on wheely bins today, just as I’d planned. I didn’t get arrested, and Amy didn’t say anything. Although if my stickering campaign escalates I may have to worry about her shopping me to the police.

Not really.

I stuck the stickers on three different streets. The bee first. I showed it to Lucas and he buzzed. Someone was passing but I don’t think they saw what I was doing.

Then after I dropped Amy off at school I stuck my rainbow. It’s been a rainbow kind of day. When we got home the first thing Lucas did was point to a rainbow on the front page of the newspaper. And I took him to a music group where we sang the song, ‘I can sing a rainbow.’ And there was something else rainbow-y too, but I can’t remember what it was now.

I know there’s nothing magical about all that rainbow stuff, I’m just noticing rainbow stuf today. But that’s nice. And it was raining when I left for school this morning but it’ssunny now and that’s good too.

I crossed the street to find a bin to stick my horse sticker on, but then I saw a bin with a great big ’22’ painted on its side. 22 felt like a good number and so I crossed the road back again and stuck the sticker between the two big 2s. It was at a house called, ‘the Swans’ and i wondered if I could make a game of making stickers that connected to the last one I drew? So perhaps I could draw a swan sticker next.

I did enjoy stickering today. It didn’t feel rubbish at all. And I saw a postman passing with his letter cart and thought, ‘I could stick a sticker on that.’ And I also thought that I could stick stickers on cars. I don’t have to stick to bins really, do I? Maybe it doesn’t matter so much where you put the stickers. Maybe I got hung up on tube station posters when really stickering works anywhere.

I’m not sure yet.

I’ll let you know if I make any more stickers, and if they lead me to find any kind of Kentish magic.



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2 responses to “Stickering

  1. alex

    please take that picture off with jesus holding a cigarette, and beer. thats not right, or funny so please take it off google and off the internet. thank you

  2. sophie

    i have notices that there is a picture of jesus that you posted to google images i looked at this picture to see what he was holding in his hand but to my concern he was holding some coca cola and a cigarette this to me for school research is very inapropriate and offensive if this image isnt took of google in the next 3 months then you will recieve a comment from me again giving you a warning

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