X Factor – The Betting

It was a dull day today so I made notes on X Factor. I usually make this series bearable by betting on it. I thought I’d share my notes on the contestants with you. I’ve added quotes from the judges, current Betfair odds, and scores out of 10 that Amy and I gave their performances in yesterday’s show.

Simon’s boys – 3.55 this group to win

Scott Bruton – 0dds 38

19. Former blue coat. Dull-handsome. Average good voice. ‘X’ diamond earrings (2). Professional voice. “He went for a hard song and pulled it off.” “You’ve done better, you were like someone else when you sang today” Me: 7/10 Amy: 6/10

Eoghn Quigg – odds 15.5

16. Sensitive, bit ugly. Ballad boy. Bit one dimensional? “You’ve been getting better, you’ve got something, but with that performance I thought you blew it.” “I’ll take a chance.”  Me: 7.5/10 Amy: 8/10

Austen Drage – odds 5.7

22. Body builder type. Ugh. Tattoos and accent. Rough boy. “You walked through this” “Great voice”. Sensitive ballad singer. Not original? VERY CONSISTENT. Good bet, will stay in ages but won’t win? “You’re good, but I’m starting to wonder if you sound a bit desperate.” “You’re fantastic.” Me: 9/10 Amy: 8.5/10

Danni’s Over 25s – 6.8 this group to win

Rachel Hylton – odds 11

26. Mum. Big black and earrings. Talking back. Drugs, prison. 5 kids. One kid is 13! Confident singer. Fat thighs. Me: 7.5/10 Amy: 8/10

Ruth Lorenzo – odds 24

25. Big hair. Sang in Spanish before. Pretty-ish. Sang Spanish again! ‘True colours’ with improvised bits. Good voice, cried. Personality ugh. Emotional. Me: 6.5/10 amy: 5/10

Daniel Evans – odds 42

38. Bleached hair fat plumber. Dead wife with baby! Pool cleaner. PUB SINGER! Goatee stubble – yuk! “Is he a pop star?” “I was moved.” Me: 3/10 Amy: 7/10 (up from 5 at song start)

Louis’ Groups – 8.2 this group to win

JLS – odds 13

4 boys. Done very well in other stages. Simon loves them. Lots of rehearsing. Brilliant! Shame about the small gay one. And his back flips! Jo: 9/10 Amy: 5.5/10

Girlband – odds 120

Sisters. Fat girls! Amy: “have they had the big boob operation?”  Very good version of ‘Valerie’. “Real”. Shame about the legs. “But have they got something special?” Me: 8/10 Amy: 5/10

Bad Lashes – odds 50

Crying common lasses. “This is Wonderwall by Ryan Adams.” Not bad voices. Lots of make up and odd clothes – big t-shirts. Stupid name. SING WELL!!  Jo: 8/10 Amy: 5.5/10

Cheryl’s girls – 2.02 this group to win

Diana Vickers – odds 10

17. Blonde. Stupid-mess hair. Model looks. Sexy voice. ‘Nothing compares to you.’ Very good but not very original sound maybe? “So genuine!” Me: 6.5/10 Amy 5/10

Laura White – odds 6

‘Big face girl’. Amy: “She has a big nose. Bigger than yours.” Disappointing at boot camp performance. Black long hair. Nose. Interesting deep strong voice. Potential winner. Amy hates her. “Don’t want to rate her. Do I have to rate her?” ?Dirty girl? ‘Lay me a river’ Brilliant. “Unbelievable.” “Why has she not made it yet?” “Not sure the public will like her?” Me: 9.5/10 Amy: x

Alexandra Burke – odds 4.1

20. Good voice. Pretty. Black girls never win. But if life was fair she should. Passionate. just the image thing..? New Whitney?  2005 was in it too, got to last 6 stage but not live shows. “The public have to know the real you.” Me: 9/10 Amy: 9/10

My Verdict: Sadly I couldn’t see any great bets, I thought the odds were about right. I laid Alexandra at 4 and I had hoped to lay Danni’s no-hoper over 25s group but they’re 6.8 so don’t think there’s value. I’d hoped to back Austin too, but not while he’s second favourite! I think the groups are more interesting than usual this year but I still think the public don’t go for them. Must admit I’m tempted by 120 on girlband, if they stick around a few weeks they’d have to come in… Hmm, or maybe not.

Oh well, I’ll let you know how my X factor bets go this year. If i have to watch the thing (Amy!) I may as well try to make a few quid from it.


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