Splitting up

When my *busband’s away life is hard work on my own, and this can make me grumpy. Sometimes we row, and making up isn’t so easy when we’re both busy and don’t see each other. So then I think about us splitting up, and I imagine how life would be if we were no longer a couple. 

I decide I’d still like him to live quite nearby, and I would’t mind seeing him sometimes. I think it would be nice if we kept in touch, stayed friends. I’d like it if he visited regularly. And he wouldn’t need to pop in just for a quick coffee, he could stay all morning if he liked, even all day. And in the evening perhaps we could eat together, have a bottle of wine and watch TV, perhaps we’d watch evening racing? We both like that. And I’d be happy if I saw him quite often, he could even come every day if he liked. And if it got late he could stay over, I wouldn’t mind. And I’d miss making love to him, so it would be silly not to sleep together…

And then I realise how much I love him and want to be with him, always. And I want us to be a good couple and make each other happy instead of arguing, and I realise that I just miss him and wish he was home.



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